As we creep toward the end of 2021, it is obvious the craziness of 2020 has not only followed us into this year, but it is likely to follow us into 2022.

Without completely reviewing every awful thing that happened in the last 18+ months, it is pretty safe for us to safe that the latest trial we've had to deal with are the "supply chain issues".  Dozens and dozens of cargo ships, carrying thousands of tons of goods, are sitting off America's coasts, waiting to be unloaded.  These freighters are carrying everything from electronics, to furniture, to car parts.  Some are even carrying books.

As a result of these issues, teachers and families have seen a delay in the fulfillment of their Scholastic Books orders.

For decades, Scholastic Books has been providing children with affordable books.  According to Wikipedia, the company was founded in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 1920.  Its first publication was a review of Western Pennsylvania high school sports.  In the 1940s, they got into the book club business.  The rest is history!

Normally, a Scholastic Book order takes about ten calendar days from order to delivery.  We've heard reports from several Central Maine teachers that the average time to get books delivered has skyrocket.  These days, it takes from 6 to 8 weeks.

For example, a local teacher who placed an order on September 29th got an email on November 9th telling her her books had "shipped".  Given the delay in the amount of time it takes to mail things these days, she does not anticipate getting those books for another week.

Of course, there are thousands of kids books available in e-reader form, but those are not a good option for everyone.  Hopefully, these supply chain issues get straightened out soon.

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