We like to think we have total control over our actions, right? And we all are guilty of jumping to conclusions. For example, If someone is always late, I'm not naming any names here.... we often in our mind chalk it up to being lazy or maybe just poor time management. The same with someone that struggles to lose weight, I'm the first one to tell myself "Why can't I just skip the pizza and work out?"

Recently I read a book by Wendy Wood, who is a social psychologist at the University of Southern California called "Good Habits, Bad Habits: "The science of making positive changes that stick"

Wendy feels we have less control over our behavior than we like to think. That's because, about half of our daily actions are habitual, and we do them on "autopilot" without much conscious thought or effort.

Instead of changing your thinking, Wood says, change your environment. Apparently the science says...the best way to break an unwanted habit is to change the context so that you're not in a situation. Basically change whats happening around you. Also, don't make unrealistic goals for yourself. Be real! Also, you need to find a way to make the change fun, or you are just not going to do it. Finally, you need to create a new habit, and that takes time.

You got this!

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