I learned a new word today…zootie call. It is a bootie call over Zoom. You can sort out the logistics of that one yourself. 

It all ties into this new world of dating during physical distancing. When you think about literal dates online is an old school as it is new. A few dates online, and I would assume you would talk and maybe get to know each other a little first. With the ability to record screens and do screenshots, you would have to think twice about doing anything ‘naughty’ …if ya know what I mean. ;)

A story I was reading on CNN these times where our lives seem a little less distracted it may be easier to find to devote to finding your special someone and dating more intentionally. Physical distancing is forcing singles to rethink how to do this whole meeting and dating experience.

But is there a way you can accelerate the whole falling in love process? There may be. I am not sure how this would work over Zoom or Facetime, but it is worth a shot. According to the New York Times story, there is a list of 36 questions that become increasingly personal and emotionally intimate. Then you stare into each other’s eyes for four minutes. 

Four whole minutes. 240 seconds. It does not sound very long, but that is a long time. You are to do this sitting face to face. But if you want to try it in a more Facetime to Facetime setting, it might work. 

Me? I would love to connect with someone, but for now, I think I will keep listening to my Audible and taking the dog for a walk.  

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