Let's be honest, no one likes airports. They're busy, hectic, and your flight is never on time. Well I have the ways to make that airport time so much less stressful.

1. Download your airline's app.

Every company has an app now, airlines are no different. You can monitor your flights arrival time, whether it's on time, have your boarding pass, and so much more right on your phone.

2. Check your bags.

Unless you're traveling light, checking your bag makes things go by so much faster. No need to be lugging luggage (oh my gosh, is that why we say that?) just get through everything faster.

3. Bring a backpack.

When you get to the scan checkpoint, take your wallet, keys, phone, everything out and put it in the backpack. Once you're through the x ray machine, just pick up your pack and take it to the side so you're not holding up the line.

Finally, BE NICE TO THE PEOPLE WORKING THERE. THEY ARE JUST DOING THEIR JOBS. If they pull you aside, go willingly, if they have to search you, let them, if they ask questions, answer them. If you give them trouble, they will go slower, I gave them permission to.

There ya go. My tips and tricks, enjoy your holiday.

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