Flying Will Cost More Starting Next Week
Beginning next week July 21, flying will cost more because of TSA fees. The fee also known as the Civil Aviation Security or 9/11 Security fee, used for security, is now $2.50 for each leg of a flight with a cap of $5 or $10 cap on each round tip.
Frontier Airlines Charging for Carry-On Luggage
Frontier airlines flies from cities like Atlanta, New York, Orlando, Seattle, St Louis and others and now has added an extra fee to their flights. Up until now using the overhead bin for carry-on luggage was free, now it could cost as much as $50 to use the carry-on luggage holder.
B-52 Bombers Fateful Flight Over Maine
The B52 Stratofortress is one of the longest serving aircrafts in U.S. Military history, currently serving in Afghanistan and Iraq, but in 1963, during the Cold War, bugs in the aircraft were still being worked out. A training mission was flown over Elephant Mountain, Maine, that ended in a mountain…
Do You Have the Right Stuff for a One Way Trip to Mars?
Dutch Company called Mars One is looking for volunteers to go to Mars that can face the stress of the flight and have a ‘can do’ attitude during the flight. The only thing about the Mars One mission is: it’s a one-way trip. The company is looking for four people…