If we thought for just a few minutes, most of us would be able to come up with at least one restaurant that we are huge fans of.  It’s the place that you love in every way.  You love the food, drinks, and atmosphere.

If you have that entrepreneurial spirit, you may have dreamed of owning your favorite restaurant.

Well, one Central Maine woman is now living that dream.

According to an article on the Maine Biz website, 24-year-old Ashley LeBlanc just took ownership of Hug’s Italian Restaurant in Carrabassett Valley.

Beth Strout, who owned the restaurant for close to three decades, recently turned the keys over the Ashley.

In a post of the restaurant’s Facebook page, Beth explained:

My emotions are high as I pass the torch to this young lady. Being the owner of Hugs at Sugarloaf for the past 25 years has been one of the greatest joys of my life. As I enter a new chapter, I can’t help but reflect on the deep gratitude that I feel for all of my amazing staff who have helped me along the way. Many of our guests that have dined with us have become part of our Hugs family. It is real and hits my heart in the most special way.

The article explains that the restaurant was opened in the 1980s by Jack and Huguette Flanagan.  The restaurant is named for Huguette.  Strout said that she began working there in 1988, and purchased the restaurant in 1999.

The Maine Biz article explains that Ashley LeBlanc is a native of Madison who has always wanted to own a business.  She told the reporter that her family has always loved the place, so when she saw that it was for sale, she jumped at the chance to purchase the restaurant.

Clark Douglass / Unsplash
Clark Douglass / Unsplash

The 1,200-square-foot, 50-seat establishment is located a short drive from Sugarloaf Mountain.  The restaurant reportedly has a huge following from both locals and visitors. The property reportedly sold for just under a whopping $800,000.

Keep up to date on what is going on with the restaurant on their Facebook page.

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