I never thought that this day would come, I am leaving B98.5 after over 16 years at the radio station.


Photo by Andy Capwell

It all started rather by chance, I saw an ad for a job and figured that I'd send something off to them. Thinking, "what harm is in that?" and never expecting to hear back.

Then two days after sending out my resume and aircheck, the radio station in West Lebanon, New Hampshire called me. The pay raise would be very large and they offered 100 percent

Photo from Andy Capwell

employer-paid healthcare.

I really had to take this offer seriously, so after a few talks on the phone and one in person, they offered me the job. Much unlike myself, I decided to take that leap and take their job offer.

I love it here at B98.5. I have worked with so many great people for such a long time.

The Morning Buzz & Salvation Army

I want to first and foremost thank Mac Dickson, who hired me back in August of 2000. You really could not ask for a better boss.

I also want to thank Al Perry, our old General Manager, who would bring me back Greek food from Massachusetts and attended my father and sister's funeral over the years that I have worked here.

Then there are Randy McCoy and Mike Poulin, two people that I have worked with the entire time that I have been here. We truly are friends outside of work. Randy has often helped me with working on my car to getting things done at my house. He also is a true professional and I have learned so much from him.

Mike Poulin, is kind of like that older

Photo from Andy Capwell

brother I never had. Always poking fun at me but since I told the staff of my decision, he's been the one who seems like they are going to miss me the most.

Sarah Dyer, she has been a great addition to the staff. She came in from day one and seamlessly become a great fit to our radio family. The strength and courage she has shown on air and off air

Photo by Andy Capwell

about her health and families challenges has put my life in prospective. What a great lady.

Also, I wanted to mention some people that I use to work with Genny Judge, Sharon Buck, Jon James, Greg Michaels  and many others. I loved working with you and we will keep in touch.

Renee Nelson, Matt James,

Photo by Andy Capwell

Sharon Griffith, Merry Tracy, Ladesta Tracy, Carol Webb, Mike Higgins, Denise Jones, Siarra Ross, Dawn Nichols, Betsy Brown, Tracy Bryant, Megan Knowles, Jessica Canwell, Chad Leighton, Sam Hoestra, Bonnie Gadbois, Chad Leighton, Bob Perry, Drew Scamman and Cooper Fox, thanks you so much and best of luck!

I also want to say thank you to

Andy, Mike, Randy & Sharon

Julie Beaulieu, she has the vision and strength to move the station forward to bigger and better things. Great job, Julie and thank you so much!

I know I am rambling but I had to thank everybody, and I sure hope I didn't forget anyone. But the biggest thank you is to the loyal B98.5 listeners.


To all of the people who call me everyday at noon for requests, to all of you who have given so much for the Tanksgiving Food Drive. I am going to miss you and ask that you stay as loyal as you have always been to B98.5 after I leave.