Here in Maine, we are known for our ingenuity, granted oftentimes these ideas are influenced by Jack Daniels, Sam Adams, or Captain Morgan.

I can't help but wonder if one of those "individuals" inspired this young man to use his sedan to transport his ATV.

Like, buddy, it's Maine, don't you know a guy with a truck?!

When Shayna Bartolotta showed up for her shift at Mike's Place on Route 1 in Newcastle this weekend she couldn't believe what she saw so she had to take a picture.

Commenter Catharine Brooks captioned it best, "*snaps bungee cord* 'This bad boy ain’t going no where'" I can hear it now couped with a thick Maine accent and a pinch of Skoal in the cheek.

I’d just like to know, how? Did he make a ramp and just drive it up? Did the weight crack the spoiler at all? How many other people were involved in this decision and execution? Did a group just pick it up and plop it down? Is this even legal?! I NEED ANSWERS!

Cheers to goin' muddin' this summah, bub!

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