Over the years, we have seen dozens, if not hundreds, of Central Maine businesses come and go.  Sadly, over the last few years, we have seen way more businesses close than we have seen new ones open.

Because of this, we have, in a way, become desensitized to the closure of businesses.  We'll drive past a store or restaurant that we used to frequent and see a CLOSED or FOR SALE sign in front.  The sight of things like this used to surprise or shock us.  Not anymore.

However, the closing of some businesses still come as a surprise to us.

For example, we learned recently that, after nearly a century in business, L. Tardif Jeweler in Waterville was going to be closing permanently.

According to the KJ, after 87 years in business, the store will be closing.  However, the plan is not to close immediately.  They hope to liquidate their inventory and stay open through the Holiday shopping season.

The article explains that the iconic jewelry store first opened in 1935.  It was opened by Lionel L. Tardif, and his wife, Evangeline.  Later, their son, Lionel M. Tardif.  However, he left the business last winter in order to focus on his health.  According to his sister, Anne-Marie, he is now enjoying the better things in life, like hanging out at his camp on Great Pond.

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In the article, she is quoted as saying:

He very much misses his customers and helping people in the store

Through the closure, the store will be managed by Ursula Chamberland.  She previously worked as the manager for the store before she left in 2018.  However, she agreed to return to work through the closure of the store.

While the plan is for the business to close, if there was someone interested in purchasing and operating the business, the owners would be up for that.

You can find L. Tardif Jeweler at 62 Main Street in Waterville.  For now, the store is open from 9 AM to 5 PM Tuesday through Saturday.

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