For most of us, the first thing we did after waking up this morning, was take stock of how the storm affected our property.  Even though the storm had pretty much left Central Maine by late evening on Friday, it was definitely a lot easier to see any damage in the daylight.

Fortunately, for most people in Central Maine, the damage was light.  Yes, of course tens of thousands lost power during the storm, but there was not a lot of significant damage.

Along the coast of Maine, this was not the case.

The powerful surge from the storm battered boats and docks, caused damage to coastal Maine properties, and flooded streets.  On top of that, strong winds brought down branches and, in some cases, full trees.

Sadly, one of the most iconic landmarks received significant damage in the storm.

According to WMTW, the Portland Head Light was battered by wind and waves.  The Portland TV station was gifted with video from Maine photographer Benjamin Williamson.  The video shows broken windows and doors, debris scattered across walkways, and what appears to be flooding in at least one of the buildings.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There is no word on what, if any, damage the actual lighthouse may have sustained.

Check out the video HERE

According to Wikipedia, the 100 foot tall lighthouse, which is situated at the entrance to Casco Bay, was completed in 1791.  That makes it the oldest lighthouse in Maine.  It is full automated and its light can be seen from 24 miles away.

It is often said that it is the most photographed lighthouse in the world.

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