For six decades, the 62-foot-tall, 24,000-pound statue of a Native American has stood over the town of Skowhegan.

Now, it looks like the statue could soon have new owners.

According to an article in the KJ, the Skowhegan Regional Chamber of Commerce owns the massive sculpture of a Native American fisherman which sits just off Madison Avenue.  However, they are hoping to transfer ownership of the statue to the town.  The offer includes not only the statue, but also the plot of land where it is currently located.

If the town rejects the proposal, the statue will likely go up for sale.

If no one makes an offer on the iconic sculpture within 90 days, it could end up being removed.

In recent months, there has been damage to the statue's face and left arm.  As the statue is made from wood, it is expected that occasional repairs would need to be made.  For example, the article explains that a $65,000 restoration was done to the statue in 2014.

It is believed that the cost to repair the current damage to the statue would be far more than that amount.  The current estimate is somewhere in the six figures.

While the board of selectmen reportedly discussed the offer on Tuesday night, it is likely that it will be left to voters at the annual town meeting.  This year's town meeting is scheduled for June 10.

If the town votes against taking possession of the statue, and no one comes forward to take ownership the statue, it could end up being torn down.

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