For generations, families have been flocking to the amusement parks on Route 1 in Saco, Maine.  They come from Madawaska, Boston, Burlington, and even further away.  They ride the coasters, splash in the wave pools, and take on the waterslides.  All the while, they make memories with their families that will last a lifetime.

As we inch toward summer, another of that strip's iconic parks has announced an opening date.

According to a post on the water park's Facebook page, Aquaboggan will open for the season on Saturday, June 25th.

Maine's first water park, Aquaboggan has been around for over four decades!  One of the really cool things about the park are its unique waterslides and tubing slides.  The Yankee Ripper, the Turbo Drop, and the Totally Tubular, for example.

The park also has bumper boats, a truly massive wave pool, and the Aquasaucer!

The Aquasaucer is described as being:

a huge, water-soaked half-dome fed by a fountain with the aid of a grappling rope! One false move and you’ll slide down the bubble into the pool. See how long you can stay on your feet!

If you are not all about being in the water, the park also has some dryer attractions like grand prix go-kart racing and mini golf.

Tickets are really quite affordable.  A regular all-day pass is only $28.  Younger (shorter) kids will only need to pay $23 and passes for toddlers are only $6.  Actually, a regular season pass, if you visit the area frequently enough, is only $90.

Get more details now on their website.

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