I was in the store the other day with 24 year old son when a child voicing his displeasure and not using his "inside voice". I looked at my son and said I hope I get patience back before you guys start giving me grandchildren.

Notice the date. This was the last time I held a baby. This one has some of my genetic make-up so it was a little easier.
Notice the date. This was the last time I held a baby. This one has some of my genetic make-up so it was a little easier.

I'm not sure when it happened.  I have four children of my own and numerous nephews and nieces who I adored as small children but somewhere along the way I have become one those Non-child friendly people.  I live in a neighborhood where my teen is the youngest.  I don't give out Halloween candy and I avoid places with children at all costs. Likewise, I am no longer child safe. I don't monitor my language or the topic of most conversations. Your children are likely tto learn many life lessons and new words if they are in ear shot of me.

The question is, why am I feeling pressure because I don't want to be around children? I love my children and was a very affectionate, fun-loving mother but I feel that I served my time in that role.  I don't gush over new babies. I may make a funny face or smile at wja child but you wont find me rolling around with them on the floor or offering to baby sit so parents can have a break.  I have watched my share of Disney and Pixar and Nickelodean. I have done Disney on Ice and Sesame Street Live more times than I can remember so why am I given looks of disdain when I say "No, I don't want to hold your beautiful baby" or "No, I haven't seen the latest Disney movie"  I prefer the company of my dogs and my adult friends who talk about things other than their children's soccer, hockey, dance, (fill in the blank) schedule. Yes, I have raised my children and now, at 47 years old, can focus on myself: my travels, my own wardrobe, my own social schedule. I know I can't be the only one who feels this way.  As my youngest son plans his wedding, I'm certain grandchildren will be coming in the next five years.  I envision myself as the cool grandmother who introduces the well-behaved grandchildren to culture and travel and food.  My question is for those who have gone through this life shift from child centered to self-centered, will my patience return?

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