During the April 16 episode of 'Saturday Night Live,' the show aired a parody commercial for a fake product called "Heroin AM," which proclaimed to allow people to do heroin while continuing on with their day.

The sketch hit a sour note with some people, and a online petition has been started on Change.org to get the show's producers to apologize for the sketch.

The petition reads:

SNL ran a tasteless skit on Saturday, April 16th that poked fun of a very real and deadly drug epidemic in America right now. The skit was cruel and heartless and involved such previously respected actresses as Julia-Louise Dreyfuss and several other SNL regular actors. It should utter disrespect to those currently stuggling daily with drug addiction and to those who have lost someone to heroin previously. They need to be held accountable. Free speech does not give you the right to be cruel.

In light of Maine's problem with heroin abuse, do you think the sketch was in bad taste? Watch it, and then vote in our poll.

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