Unlike our states in the warmer climates, there are some limitations on outdoor activities during the winter months here in New England.  You are not likely to find very many people skydiving, surfing, or hanging out by the pool during a freezing New England winter.

Unless they're in Nashua, New Hampshire.

The City of Nashua is home to a unique attraction called SkyVenture New Hampshire.  Housed in a building tucked away off Daniel Webster Highway, the attraction offers guests the chance to go indoor skydiving and indoor surfing.

The indoor surfing is done on something that looks like an endless pool on steroids.  Basically, you surf on an endless wave.  It's perfect if you have always wanted to try surfing, but didn't really want to try it in the ocean.

The indoor skydiving takes place in a clear-walled chamber.  Under the grated floor, there is a fan that creates a strong wind inside the chamber.  Kind of like those machines where you grab the money, but a lot more powerful.  When you lie flat, the wind is strong enough to lift you off the floor.


SkyVenture New Hampshire also has a climbing wall, an endless waterslide called the Fishpipe, and boogie boarding.  There is even a poolside cafe that serves snacks and drinks.  Yes, they even have adult beverages.

One thing to keep in mind is that the attractions are not all that cheap.  Your best bet would be to purchase a combo pass.  Check out the latest prices and deals on their website.

See all the fun you can have in this video:

SkyVenture New Hampshire is open Wednesday through Sunday.  Hours vary depending on the day.

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