The oldest bald eagle ever documented was saved by a Maine game warden on Friday. 


The bald eagle was tagged in Canada on Grand Manan Island in June of 1983 when it was too young to fly. With that information they were able to determine the bald eagle is 34 years old which is old for a bald eagle. Because of its age the eagle has been nicknamed ‘The Old Man.’ The average bald eagle in the wild is about 20 years so ‘The Old Man’ is the old man. The only other bald eagle found that was older was in upstate New York. A tagged eagle that was found dead was 38 years old.

Maine Game Warden Joe McBrine and U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service officer Amanda Hardaswick recued the eagle on Friday after getting a call about an injured bird. According to p[ the injuries were fairly serious and consistent with injuries from fight with another bald eagle.

The bird is recovering at the Avian Haven in Freedom, Maine but veterinarians won’t be able to determine if the bird can be re-released back into the wild for about 2 weeks.



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