Over the last year, it has become bluntly obvious to nearly everyone that the United States is facing an energy crisis.

Over the spring and summer, the price of gasoline and diesel fuel was through the roof.  Now, as we have seen the price of those fuels slowly dropping, we've been seeing a jump in the price of heating oils like kerosene and heating oil.

To people who use K-1 kerosene to heat their houses, modular homes, trailers, etc, there may appear to be a shortage of that type of fuel.  But, is there really a shortage or is it imagined?

According to an investigation done by the news team at WCSH 6, there really is a shortage of kerosene.

Their investigation found that shortage was brought on by several factors including western country's boycotting Russian fuel imports over the war in Ukraine and an increase in jet fuel.  The chemical make up of jet fuel is, apparently, almost identical to that of kerosene.

News Center Maine's sources for the investigation were The Governor's Energy Office and Maine Energy Marketers Association President/CEO Charlie Summers

Representatives for the State of Maine say there are plans in the works to change petroleum production back to a focus on kerosene.  The supplies are expected to rebound in the next month or so.

How many Mainers heat with kerosene?  We don't have exact numbers, but according to Statistica, over 60% of Maine residents use some kind of petroleum to heat their homes.  These include heating oil and kerosene.

The current price of kerosene is about $5.32 a gallon.  By comparison, the average price of heating oil is $4.38 a gallon.

While the rest of us may struggle to stay warm this winter, these people have no worries about the price of heating fuel...

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