ShadowDog is sporting his new tags for the year.  He has the new rabies and the City of Augusta dog registration tags.  I must admit, I have not always been so diligent about registering dogs in the past, but years ago someone from the Kennebec Valley Humane Society explained to me the reason it is SO important.  Now, I will not let it pass. I know it’s safer for the community, ShadowDog and it helps abused pets.

This is what I did not know for a long time. The fee you pay to register your dog is not your city or town looking to get a few more dollars from your pocket. It helps the Maine Animal Welfare Program. Maine said the majority of funding for the Animal Welfare Program comes from the licensing of dogs and various facilities such as animal shelters, boarding kennels, breeding kennels, pet shops, research facilities, pet and livestock food registration, tax check off and the Animal Welfare License plates. Maine Animal Welfare Program does not operate with money from the general fund. The City of Lewiston said 90% of their dog license fees go directly to the Maine Animal Welfare Program.

It costs me $6. $6! I would gladly pay much more considering where the money goes. There are also other benefits. Dogs that are registered have at least some basic health care, since they need a valid rabies certificate. Shadow and I hang out at the Augusta Dog Park with lots of other dogs. So, it is nice to know they have had some basic care.  Also, if your dog got away, it is fairly easy to use the registration to help reunited dogs and people. Might I add, it is also great if you can get your dog an ID chip.

Since I live in the Capital City here is what I found for Augusta. “State law requires that all dogs 6 months old or within ten days of ownership are licensed in the town/city where they reside. This annual license is due December 31 of each year. A rabies certificate and neuter/spay certificate (if applicable) must be presented at the time of licensing. In order to avoid the $25.00 late fee, your dog must be licensed by January 31. Licensing fees are: $11.00 for an unaltered dog, $6.00 for an altered dog.”  I would guess it is basically the same in all cities and towns in Maine.

The bottom line is DO IT!  Do it in January.  Some communities even let you register your dog online. Sweet!