My poor car has been through so much the past weeks.

First, my coworker lost grip of his door handle on April Fool's day and BOOM my side view mirror has been beaten and battered. The actual mirror is in tact but the shell behind it has been SHATTERED.


THEN ON MONDAY I am furious typing this. In the station parking lot, a vehicle lost its tire and slammed into my car! Now accidents happen, I get that. BUT THEY DIDN'T TELL ME THEY DID IT. And because of the snow, I didn't notice the dent. The manager of the parking lot came in to tell me about it and he was shocked to find out they didn't come in to tell me. So I filed a police report and that person is gonn' get it.


See? The damage isn't that bad, just the fact that they didn't tell me about it is what made me frustrated.

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