I am not sure if you have noticed but it has been hotter recently, while the days might look beautiful they also are holding dangers we might not be thinking about. Pets are members of the family, we love them and want them to be safe. Many people might not realize it, but pets are in danger this time of year from something you might not be aware about, the ground. On hot days asphalt and concrete heat up an insane amount and can cause severe damage to your pets feet.

Experts say that at 125 degrees is when the asphalt will start causing damage to the bottom of your pets feet. Asphalt reaches 125 degrees when it is just 77 degrees outside. The bottom of animals feet are no thicker than our own so the rule of thumb, if the asphalt is too hot for you, then it is too hot for them. Be as careful as possible with your pet out there.​

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