According to an article published by WGME 13, a Maine man, armed with a gun, was shot and killed by police in Old Orchard Beach in the parking lot of a grocery store on Tuesday.

The news station is reporting that Christopher Harriman, 38 of Limerick, was fatally shot by Maine State Police Trooper, Ryan Phillips. The shooting took place in the parking lot of Landry's Shop N' Save in Old Orchard Beach on Tuesday.

WGME is reporting that the initial incident began at around 6:40 in the evening on Tuesday when Maine State Police responded to the area after reports that Harriman was making suicidal threats from his Cadillac Escalade and was armed with a rifle.

In addition to threats of suicide, the suspect was allegedly making threats to people at the Kennebunk rest area on Interstate 95. Police arrived at the rest area and Harriman then fled the scene. He was also alleged to have been pointing the rifle out the window at responding officers during this time.

Officers eventually lost sight of Harriman but later responded to reports that he was at the Shop N' Save in Old Orchard Beach. WGME says that Maine State Police did their best to negotiate with the suspect and pleaded with him to surrender. At this point, Harriman was reportedly standing outside his vehicle.

During the negotiations, Harriman allegedly reached inside his vehicle, grabbed his rifle and proceeded to load it. It was at this time that State Trooper Phillips shot and killed the suspect in the parking lot.

Phillips has been placed on a standard administrative leave while the investigation remains ongoing.

The use of deadly force is being investigated by the Attorney General's Office.

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