Growing up my father worked for multiple furniture companies and would always tell me about one magical furniture store in Massachusettes. To me, a child, I couldn't care less about furniture, but the tales of Jordan's was different.

Jordan's had a restaurant.
Jordan's had an IMAX theater.
Oh, and Jordan's had furniture.

I never made it to this magical store with the closest location being in Massachusetts, but now I won't have to make the trip because Jordan's is coming to The Maine Mall!

According to WGME, Jordan's will be moving into the former Bon-Ton location making it the largest furniture store in the state thanks to 120,000 square feet of space.

The new location will have an entertainment aspect that makes them so well-known, but no specifics have been released yet. The store is set to open next spring.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Jordan's Furniture has the tagline, "Jordan's Furniture - not just a store, an experience!" and I'm definitely excited to see what this 'experience' will be like right here in Maine!

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