Katy Perry’s half time show was seen by more people at a Super Bowl than any other half time show. One of the songs featured a beach scene with dancing beach balls and sharks. The shark on the ‘left’ has been identified as long time Perry back-up dancer Brian Gaw.

The two ‘shark dancers’ have won over a lot of fans for their awkward moves and depressed expressions. Gaw, the shark on the left, said rumors are true it was him. The other shark was Perry’s other back-up dancer Scott Myrick.

Gaw said they had just over a minute to change into the shark suit and visibility was terrible, not to mention extremely awkward trying to dance in the shark suit. Gaw seemed to have lost his place and missed some of the moves during the performance, and people noticed, saying the ‘left’ shark didn’t know his dance moves.

Gaw and Myrick have danced on tour with Perry for five years and have had to dance in costume before. During Katy Perry’s world tour he danced as a gingerbread man and a big purple cat.


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