Monday's intense rain, combined with the melting of snow, has caused the swelling of several Maine rivers: the Swift, Androscoggin, and Kennebec Rivers.

Earlier today, we got word that Fairfield had enacted a voluntary evacuation for people living on the banks of the Kennebec River.  At about seven o'clock on Tuesday morning, first responders were going door-to-door to warn residents about the potential dangers of staying in homes along the banks of the river.

Now, we are getting word that several main streets in Augusta are being closed over concerns that the river will continue to rise.  Many of the affected streets are some of the most-traveled in the City of Augusta.

According to a press release from Augusta Police Department Chief Kevin Lully, there are concerns that the water levels in the river could exceed 25 feet.

The press release goes on to say:

the City has also closed the following locations: Calumet Bridge, Water Street, Bond Street, Lower Northern Avenue, Front Street Parking Lot, Colonial Theater Lot, Eagles Lot, Mill Park, as well as all other city owned or maintained property along the Kennebec River shoreline until water levels recede and become safe again.

The press release explains that vehicles that are not moved may end up being towed away at the owner's expense.

Dave Dostie Photo
Dave Dostie Photo

Please heed the warnings of our law enforcement and be safe.  Never try to cross a flooded road.  You may think the water is only a few inches deep, but it could be a lot deeper.

WMTW is now reporting that parts of the Lewiston area are under an evacuation order over concerns about the flooding of the Androscoggin River.

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