When was the last time you heard of someone getting kicked in the head and it paying off? Jared Frank is hoping his time in the lime light will pay big. His video on YouTube went viral with more than 22 million hits.

 He doesn’t know how much money he will make yet, he’ll find out at the end of May, but it could be anywhere from $30,000 to $250,000, here’s what happened. He and some friends where hiking up a mountain on the way to see an ancient Incan site on Peru’s Macchu Picchu trail. He decided to stop and take a video of himself as a train passed by. He must have been too close to the train because the conductor blew the whistle to warn him. Jared didn’t move so as the train passed him, the conductor stuck out his foot and clocked him in the head.

Jared was uninjured, which is hard to believe after you see the video, but he could make some serious cash from the incident. Several companies have shown interest in the video wanting to sign a licensing agreement with him. ‘Cha Ching!’

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