The tidal wave of fan favorites returning to 'General Hospital' continues with the latest addition being Kin Shriner, who first played Scotty Baldwin on the soap opera in 1977. This is part of a renaissance of 'General Hospital' and the return of viewers favorites. Within the past year, Robin Mattson, Ian Buchanan, Tristan Rogers, Lynn Herring and Finola Hughes have already returned to the daytime drama.

Big news a few  weeks ago, was the return of Genie Francis as Laura Spencer. Her character will return to Port Charles in February and now we can add the return of Kin Shriner as Scotty Baldwin on February 19th. Shriner, twin brother to actor Wil Shriner, will starting shooting scenes on January 22nd. Kin says he doesn't know what is in store for his character upon his return.

General Hospital's new head-writer, Ron Carlivati and executive producer, Frank Valentini, have lead the charge in so many past favorites coming back and characters from the cancelled One Life To Life, the soap that they previously worked for. This has lead to a large surge in the ratings. Soap fans are you looking forward to another round of Luke, Laura and Scotty?