Who doesn't like a happy ending? That's what we have to share with you in this story. A New Mexico woman's missing kitten has been located in Westbrook, Maine! That's a 2,300-mile trip and no one is sure how the 6-month old kitten got to Maine.

The kitten named Spice arrived at the Animal Refuge League on November 11, 2014. She had been found a few days prior by someone working at a thrift shop on Saint John Street in Westbrook. The gentlemen who found Spice, found her in a duffel bag outside of the store with cat food and kitty litter with the cat.

Spice had a microchip inside of her and that's when they discovered that her owner is from New Mexico!

She had gone missing Halloween night in Albuquerque and ended up in Portland five days later.

Spice and a travel companion will fly back to New Mexico and she'll be returned to her owner. The cost of the flight is being covered by the CEO of Idexx and they are expected back on December 5th.