It was the busiest Thanksgiving travel weekend in recorded history this past weekend, but it wasn't entirely without incident. According to an article published by WGME 13, a passenger's carry-on bag was found to contain a knife according to the TSA.

While it is lawful to travel with a knife on most major airlines, it has to be stored in a check bag and must be sheathed or wrapped up to prevent harm to airline employees and TSA personnel.

Trasnportation Security Administration
Trasnportation Security Administration

WGME reports that the individual who had the knife in their carry-on voluntarily gave the knife up to officials so that they could continue to board their flight.

No charges were filed and it appears as though the knife was not brought in the bag for malicious intent, but rather was a passenger oversight. Additionally, we're not certain which flight the person was boarding or what their final destination was. However, since this is not being considered a criminal matter, we do not expect to learn that information.

We will keep this story updated for our audience if and when anymore information is released from the TSA or our media partners at WGME 13.

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