It's true, I totally jumped at this once in a life time opportunity!

I was scrolling Facebook the other day when I stumbled upon Ellen DeGeneres' (who just happens to be a huge idol of mine)  Facebook post about how she is teaming up with other celebrities for the #ALLINCHALLENGE to raise money for those in need and one lucky person is getting a chance to Co-host The Ellen DeGeneres Show with Ellen herself..

Wait, What? Is this real?  Um... Hi?   It was an absolute NO BRAINER and I knew I had to enter!

Apparently, that's how I do thing's, I scroll Facebook until I see things I would love to do and then I go for it. I mean after all its how I landed this job. HaHa.  Which is ironic in many ways but the biggest one that stands out to me is the fact I even referenced Ellen in one of my many interviews for this very job!

One of the question's I was asked "Where do you see your self big picture, Portland, Boston? It was the first question of the interview process that I didn't even need to think about, I've known this answer for a very very long time.. My reply just about jumped out of my mouth.. " Ellen DeGeneres, not her of course, she can't be outdone but to be like her. I love to laugh while making others laugh, I want to spread kindness and not hate, I love a good scare session and I'm always dancing, so long answer short.. I see my self at level Ellen someday!" .. We all laughed.

I'll be honest, I'm not sure if they took me seriously or if they just thought I was being funny. Its not just something I said to make them laugh either, that didn't hurt of course  but I really do believe it. I believe we make our own path, and I'll be sure to leave bread crumbs along my path, that way I never lose sight of what really matters and so I can always find my way home. But, it really is where I see my life going and oh what a journey it will be!

I hope you take the time to enter for your chance to Co-Host with Ellen DeGeneres , even if you don't win (Because, well I'm gonna) 100% of the proceeds will go benefit charities such as Feeding America, No Kid Hungry, Meals on Wheels, and World Central Kitchen.


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