I've been contemplating making the switch to a healthier option for a boost of energy. Redbull is my normal go to over coffee and I know its not the healthiest way to get extra energy but, dang I need something.

I look back and think about how I seriously hated it when my husband swore he NEEDED Redbull to keep his energy up for his job. I absolutely hated it, that was until I felt that very same way...

Together, my husband and I have decided that now's the time to make a healthier switch.  We also agreed we both still need to get extra energy from somewhere. LOL.  So I started researching and came upon a healthier option, that will still gave us a little pep in our step.

I reached out to a good friend letting her know my plan on dumping those other yucky energy options. She immediately sent us some of Arbonne's Fizz sticks. Now, I had already tried Fizz sticks awhile ago but I really wanted Stephens input on them as well before making the final switch in our search for a more natural source of energy.

Happy to share with you all that our new Fizz sticks arrived and we are 15 days without Redbull!

Want to try them yourself?  Get more details from the Arbonne website.


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