I spent most of my day yesterday cooped up on the couch due to feeling extremely under the weather. I watched all the Netflix my little heart desired, and I did all I could do not to be up and moving around because when I'm sick, any movement is the worst thing.

After hours and hours on said couch, my appetite came back just long enough for me to realize we had zero soup and zero ingredients to make soup in our house. I started googling quick and easy soup recipes, which then led me to Instapot soup recipes. It was quite the internet black hole that I fell into.

During my time in the black hole of the world wide web, I was reminded that it was day number two of Amazon Prime Day. While I was clearly held up like a hostage on the couch, I had no other choice than to check out all the deals.  There it was, the very first deal of the day that popped up, the 11 in 1 Instapot.

Now I've been wanting an Instapot for months, but something about them just scared the heck out of me, the price, it was the price that scared me. Normally the 11 in 1 cost an average of $180, so finding it on sale gave me the extra edge I need to seal the deal. I ended up only paying $119! I sure do love a good deal!

Did you make any Amazon Prime Day purchases? If so, I want to hear about your steal of a deal. You can message me through the Free b98.5 app or our Facebook page; if you're not friends with us, search for b98.5.




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