This is not a new problem, just a growing and changing situation. For many years I have been hearing and reading about the need for school bus drivers. 

School bus drivers are vital to getting our kiddos to school safely and on time. And without enough to do the routes in the school districts, it is straightforward to see how that could be an issue. 

This not just a Central Maine issue; it is state-wide and a problem in many places around the United States. School districts have needed school bus drivers. The jobs are there but not the applicants. Some school districts are now offering training, benefits, a great rate of pay, bonuses, and the joyful smiles of all those kids. 

Now it is getting worse. Thanks, COVID. Buses cannot be a full as they once were due to physical distancing rules. Kids from the same home can sit together, or kids from the same daycare can sit together, but otherwise, it is one child for each seat.  

According to, some school districts have even been asking parents to drive their kids to school if at all possible. Because of all of this, somedays school might not happen if students can’t be transported under the current rule…because of all of this, the bus issues are just one more hurdle that needs to be overcome to get students back in school full time.  

Getting kids back in school full time is a big step forward: it is social, teachers are skilled in teaching, kids are there for the breakfast and lunch programs, and getting kids back in school on a dependable schedule will help so many families with working parents get back to regular schedules as well.

So if you are looking for a job option this might be something to consider. Check with your local school departments.

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