It's no secret, I dig dogs. I prefer big dogs over small dogs, but I love all dogs. There is just something about dogs that offer us humans a great example of how to not sweat the small stuff, to live in the moment, and to just exude unconditional love!

Let's face it...dogs rule.  Mine, and probably yours too are always so happy to see us when we come home and never seem to care if we come home empty handed or didn't even shower that day, although I do wonder if it crossed their minds that humans may be stinky sometimes.

For me it started with two, first Zoey, the Keeshond.

zoey puppy

then Spencer, the Great Dane


When I moved to the mid-coast of Maine to get married 12 years ago...combining families I ended up with four dogs (two with the same name), seven cats, four kids and two horses.  It was more like a zoo than the Brady bunch.

Sadly, none of the dogs left from the original pack are still alive. I think that is one of the hardest things about being a pet owner...losing a pet that you love so dearly.
Once you experience the love of a dog, you know that someday, somehow, you will most likely have another, or two, or... currently our house has two dogs, the most recent additional being Ozzy, the young doofy chocolate lab.  He is a typical goofy lab that likes, no Loves, to destroy pillows.
In fact, very few throw pillows are left and it will probably stay that way until Ozzy is out of his love of destroying pillows. Luckily, Jolly Balls are a close second, and I can live with that.
In addition to destroying several pillows, Ozzy has also destroyed a pair of LL Bean boots, Ipod earpods and one, just one flip flop.  It is a good thing he is cute.  That cuteness gets him far in life.
Oh, and say hello to Zelda.
My wife's German Shepherd, or should I say German Shredder.  She makes sure that everything and everyone is in order. She is a very beautiful, busy, focused girl.
Well there you have it, my latest pack dynamics. By the way that is always subject to change, and by that I mean, get larger. You never know when another one will steal my heart.
Feel free to show us your furry friends. Until next time, may the woof be with you!
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