Congratulations to Lisa's Legit Burritos in Gardiner they have a new location! It is still on Water Street just a little closer to the post office. It is about 350 west of the former Water Street location and right across from Niche Record Store. So all is good...your burrito fix (and a lot more) is still waiting for you in Downtown Gardiner.

The new location, from what I understand, will be more a restaurant feel and the space looks VERY nice and the food...well...let me just sum it up by saying...I AM A FAN and eat at Lisa's Legit in Augusta often!

So, now I am thinking...ROAD TRIP. I know it is not a long trip but I can hit up Reny's, talk a short walk on the Gardiner waterfront, and then grab a Lisa's Legit sweet potato burrito. This summer that is my idea of an adventure.

Ehrin and Jay Simanski are wonderful friends of mine...and I think that friendshop all started with the burritos and grew from now I am a frequent flyer at Lisa's Legit Burritos in Augusta because of the people AND the burritos.

So Augusta...Gardiner...they have you covered.

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