Are we supposed to just put our kids in a bubble?  According to W.A.T.C.H (World Against Toys Causing Harm), here's the list of the top 10 summer toys that are the most dangerous.  Take away these toys...what's left?  Video games??

Here are the top toys that are most dangerous:

10. Water balloon sling shots.  How will older brothers annoy their little sisters???

9. Lawn darts.  Since when is it dangerous to through large weighted objects, with a sharp point, across your lawn?

8. Low riding tricycles.  Shut the front door!!  Seriously.

7. Swimming pools.  OK, so we'll go to the lake.  What's the difference?

6. All-terrain vehicles.  I'll give them this one.

5. Toys with small parts.  Depends...are these toys for a 2 year-old or a 10 year-old?

4. Shallow water.  Without adult supervision, obviously...but still...c'mon

3. Backyard water slides & slides.  I grew up with the slip n slide.  Look at me.  Fine.

2. High powered water guns.  Are you raising a sissy?

1. Inflatable bounce houses.  It's a BIG house of air.  If your child can't play on air...then wrap them in bubble wrap.


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