Donna Keeler who works for the Kennebec Journal with her husband James, and takes care of the delivery of our paper here at B98.5, is our local hero today.

Donna and James found a platinum and diamond ring with five white stone diamonds. It was found Tuesday morning on Fairbanks Street in Augusta when James noticed something reflecting in their headlights.

Donna said the ring was beautiful and had no doubt in her mind she had to find the owner. She took it home to investigate it further and found on the inside of the band the inscription ‘I love you more’.

Realizing the value of the ring and knowing that two families live on the street where the ring was found, she asked them to contact her if they lost something.

David Sorensen did lose something and thought he had lost it forever. Sorenson works as a senior policy advisor to Governor Paul LePage. He said the ring belonged to his grandmother and now his wife and had been missing for weeks.

Thanks to Donna and James Keeler the ring is back home safe and sound.