The owners of one downtown Augusta business are making some big changes.

According to a Facebook post on the Augusta Downtown Group page, the owners of Sonny’s Museum and Rock Shop have closed their Water Street location after nearly a decade in business.

The business’s website explains that the shop was originally opened by a man named Sonny Chavarie.  It sounds as though at some point, the shop closed.  In about 2015, Gina and Michael Collins reopened the shop.

The website explains that the shop featured:

rocks, minerals and fossils sold previously, as well as jewelry, books, crystals and other spiritual and metaphysical-related items. We partner with a number of local crafters & artists to bring new and interesting items to the store, and also offer Reiki sessions and psychic mini-readings.

Sadly, it appears as though the shop is now closed.

The recent Facebook page explains that they have sold their entire inventory and closed their Water Street location.

The good news is that it does not appear that they are completely done.  They still plan to do what they have been doing for years, but in different ways.

Franco Antonio Antonella / Unsplash
Franco Antonio Antonella / Unsplash

The Facebook post says, in part:

This allows us to get a fresh start in a new space when we are ready! This isn’t the end as we will still have live sales after returning from Tucson, so please stay tuned! We still will be doing our Retreats and other activities

It almost sounds like they may be planning to reopen in a different location in the future.  Whatever their plans, we wish them all the best.

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