Maddie & Tae's single "Friends Don't" is all about that stomach-tickling anxiety one has at the very beginning of a romance—when you're not quite sure if the object of your desire feels the same way about you. The duo bring this concept to visual life with the release of the video for the song, choosing a moody and seductive feel to get their point across.

In the video, Maddie Marlow and Tae Dye pursue their respective crushes at a house party, trying to decipher the true meaning of text messages and mixed messages. Will love conquer all, or is it really "just friends?" Watch above to see what kind of ending prevails!

The video marks yet another piece of an overall welcome musical return for the pair, who haven't released any new material for several years. The duo hithard with their debut single, "Girl in a Country Song," in 2014, but then unfortunately suffered a career setback when their label, Dot Records, closed in 2017.

"Friends Don't," which was released in April, is the duo's first new single under a new deal with Mercury Records as part of Universal Music Group in Nashville. They're currently working on getting together a sophomore full-length release.

Marlow in particular got to exercise her acting chops during the filming of the "Friends Don't" video, as she's definitely not questioning her romantic prospects of late. In June, the 22-year-old said "yes" when her longtime boyfriend, Jonah Font, proposed. The couple has been together since high school, and Marlow describes him as her "dream man" and "best friend."

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