If you're an avid ATV rider who loves to take long trips, you are going to love this!

According to the Bangor Daily News, a new trail, currently under construction, will connect two existing trails in Northeastern Maine.

The trail, which is on land owned by the Irving Oil Company and is being built by the Shin Pond Trail Riders ATV Club, will connect a trail in Northern Penobscot County and a trail in Aroostook County.  The new trail will end in the Littleton / Monticello area.  Once completed, this will allow people to ride from the Medway / Millinocket area all the way to Madawaska.

Actually, based on maps listed on GPS Trailmasters, it appears that you could ride all the way from the Machias area to Madawaska.

The trail already exists and is used by snowmobilers during the winter.  This has made the job of the trail creators that much easier.  However, there is still a lot of work that needs to be done, including installing signs and repairing bridges.

There is one catch, though.  Because the trail is located on corporate owned land, and not land owned by the government, anyone who rides it will need to belong to an official ATV club.  On the plus side, there are ATV and snowmobile rider clubs literally everywhere!

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