According to WABI, chef Bethany Gregory is looking for the public's help in getting her custom made smoker back.

Earlier this year, Gregory purchased the old Six Miles Falls Store on Broadway Street in Bangor.  She plans to open the store up as the Maine Market and also has plans to operate a BBQ food truck that will be called The Scotch Bonnet (most likely named after the hot peppers).

Several days ago, the smoker, which is an integral part of her food truck plan and is valued at between $12,000 and $15,000, was stolen from behind the store.

Unfortunately, as she is in the process of renovating the store, the electricity has been disconnected.  Because of this, there are no working security cameras on the property.

According to the TV station's article, the scrap metal value of the smoker is less than $20.  However, to Gregory, it is priceless.  She does not plan to prosecute whoever took it.  She just wants it back.

A new resident to Maine, Gregory was excited to be living in such a welcome place...  Until this happened, of course.  Hopefully, someone knows something that can help her get her smoker back.  That would serve as a good reminder that the State of Maine is filled with good people.

Another way you can help her recover from this loss is by donating to her Mainvest account.  Get all the details HERE.

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