The wild blueberry harvest season in Maine has begun, but the price for blueberries is not where growers would like it to be, which could lead to a financial loss for some growers.

Reports say that the price for blueberries this year will be around the same as it was last year, which is a lower price point than farmers were hoping for. In fact because of the low prices, the money that growers are receiving for their crop this year will probably be less than cost of growing the blueberries.

Not only is the price lower than growers were hoping for, but the supply of the berries in Maine is expected to drop this year. Last year, the statewide blueberry crop yielded 100 million pounds of berries, but this year it’s expected to be 75 million pounds. The drop is due to more competition from other states and Canada.

According to,  some farmers are managing to be excited about this year’s harvest because growing blueberries is a Maine tradition and they feel that Maine grows the best blueberries around.

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