Given the fact that the land now known as the State of Maine has been inhabited for centuries, first by the Native Americans, and later by the Europeans, it should not be a big surprise that we have many stories of hauntings.

According to many, one of the most terrifying haunted places in the United States is a century old building on the Coast of Maine.


The History Of The Opera House

What is now the Boothbay Opera House (or, the Opera House at Boothbay Harbor) was built in 1894.  It was first constructed as a meeting place for The Knights of Pythias.  Later, it was used as a meeting place for the Masons, too.

After its time as a meeting place for those fraternal organizations, it was used for several things.  It has been a private home, a restaurant / bar, and a performance hall  Later, it was home to a failed mini-mall.

More recently, the opera house, which was placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in 2009, has been used as a performance space.  Over the last few decades, it has hosted everything from comedians to nationally known bands, and everything in between.


Is The Boothbay Opera House Really Haunted?

If you ask many of the longtime residents of the quaint mid-coast Maine town, they would tell you the building is DEFINITELY haunted.  Some people even believe they know who haunts the nearly 130 year old building.

According to a post on the Strange Maine website, the opera house is haunted by a man named Earl Cliff.  Reportedly, he was a piano player for events at the opera house in the early 1900s.

Steinar Engeland / Unsplash
Steinar Engeland / Unsplash

It is often said that the haunting presence is normally observed and felt in the upper floor.  The area used to be used as a meeting room and we are pretty sure that area is now used as an upstairs bar on nights when shows are taking place.

The website says, in part:

Since 1949, visitors to the building have spoken of a strange presence in the room. It is usually said that the piano that is located here will play by itself, as if some spectral piano player is manipulating the keys. Different witnesses also recounted the same thing happening in 1957, during a town celebration and again in 1977.

Have you ever been to the opera house?  Have you ever seen or heard anything strange?  You can tell us your stories by emailing us or by sending us a message through our app.

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