Thanks to a Maine man, cancer patients are getting free stays at Maine campgrounds.

The story starts in May of 2020, when Scott Efron, owner of the Nature Wilderness Resort in Baldwin, was diagnosed with cancer and COVID-19.

Thanks to a powerful anti-viral drug, he did end up recovering from the virus.  Sadly, in September 2020, he did pass away from the cancer he had been battling.

Even after his passing, his charitable nature lives on.

According to WGME, as he was battling his cancer, he got the idea that it would be great if his family's campground was able to offer free camping to those who are dealing with the terrible disease.  After his passing, his family put that plan into action.

One of the families able to take advantage of the offer were the Wilsons. Their daughter, Quinn, has been battling a rare form of kidney cancer.  She had surgery and is currently going through chemo.  It looks like she is on her way to beating the disease.  The camping trip has given them a chance to reconnect following what has been a crazy six months.

There are 9 more stays available under the program.  If you know someone who is dealing with cancer and needs a little break, you can get more details about applying HERE

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