So far, we have had a really mild fall.  We started off November with a heatwave, after all.

It definitely looks like that is changing, though.  We had shocking cold over the weekend and some parts of Maine had snow on Monday morning.

Now, it is looking like we are going to get slammed with a pretty nasty storm this weekend.

According to News Center Maine, there is a chance we could see our first real Nor'Easter of the season.

There is a good chance that parts of Maine will get some snow on Tuesday evening and Wednesday.  It will be a mix of rain and snow, and most of that precipitation will be along Maine's mid-coast.  Rockland, Camden, etc may see up to an inch of snow.

Then, we'll see about a day of calm before the next storm rolls into Maine, New Hampshire, and Massachusetts.

Zac Durant / Unsplash
Zac Durant / Unsplash

The nasty storm is expected to roll into the State of Maine on Friday morning but, according to News Center Maine's Keith Carson,  it really won't get going until Friday evening.

Based on its current plot, it looks as though the state will see a lot of snow.  However, he has yet to allude to any snow totals.  All he is saying that we can expect a really nasty storm.

So, you've been warned.  Be prepared.

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