In early April of 2017, Augusta's Kennebec Community Church held one of the coolest family friendly events to ever happen in Central Maine.  They held a helicopter Easter Egg drop.

What is a helicopter Easter Egg drop?    Well, it is exactly what it sounds like!

A low flying helicopter hovered over the yard of the church's Mission Ave, Augusta location, dropping thousands of plastic eggs filled with candy.  After the chopper had flown off, children from around Central Maine made their way into the field, collecting the eggs as they went.

Take a look at video from the 2017 event:

In today's service it was announced, five years after the first helicopter drop, that that church would be hosting the event again.

The well known church, now known as Central Church, will hold a series of these Easter Egg helicopter drops on Saturday, April 9th, 2022.  Three drops will be held - one at each of the three church locations - Augusta, China, and Topsham.

Once more information about the event becomes available, and all of the other great events the church holds, you can get it on their Facebook page.

Cooper Fox
Cooper Fox

As they have done for many years, the church has a series of Easter services planned in the days leading up to, and on, Easter Sunday.  There will be multiple services in Augusta, China, and Topsham.  Get the complete schedule of services, by location, HERE.

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