If you've lived in Maine for more than a few minutes, you've probably realized that we love outdoor activities.  Boating, camping, ATVing, hiking, hunting, and skiing!  No matter what you're into, we have the place for it.  It's one of the reasons so many people vacation here.

Well, if you are into skiing, it looks like you have a new option in the near future.

According to WCSH 6, we could be getting a new ski area in the Moosehead Lake region.  Not just a ski rea, but a true ski resort.

The new resort would be based on the old Big Squaw Mountain ski area.  Big Squaw closed in 2004, but in 2010 people in Greenville got the base of the mountain re-opened for skiing.

Now, we are hearing the a group of real estate developers are in the process of looking at bringing the ski area back to its former glory.  They're reportedly hoping to fully re-open the mountain and add hotels, restaurants, and other attractions.

The hope is a new resort would bring much needed winter tourist dollars to the area.  Not just from other Maine residents, but from people in neighboring states, as well.

Big Squaw Mountain, located on the north side of what is now known as Big Moose Mountain, first opened in 1963.  A chairlift accident caused the closure of the mountain in 2004.  However, the mountain was partially re-opened in 2010.

One of the great things about the mountain is how cheap the lift tickets are.  A full day only costs $30.  Currently, the mountain is closed, but when it opens, you can get more details and trail conditions HERE


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