Late last night, or early Saturday morning (depending on how you want to look at it), parts of eastern Maine were rattled by a small earthquake.

According to News Center Maine, a very small 1.9 magnitude quake struck the area around Tremont at about 12:33 AM on Saturday (May 22nd).

We are hearing reports that it was felt in Bar Harbor and other parts of Mount Desert Island.

If you felt it, you can help our by reporting your experience HERE

As we understand it, there were no injuries or damage.

The epicenter for this quake is not too far from last December's quake.  So, be prepared for more wild conspiracy theories about the US military battling underground Chinese invaders.  Oh, you don't remember that story?  Click HERE to get a refresher course.  Yeah, that really is the wildest conspiracy theory we've ever heard - and, over the last year, we've all heard a lot of conspiracy theories!

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