Maine can do a lot of great things...and Fair Season is one.  We have amazing fairs across this great state.  But 1 has been ranked as one of the best of the best across the country.  Can you guess which one?

According to MSN, here's a list of the top 17 BEST state fairs:

17. Florida State Fair

16. Kane County Fair in Illinois

15. Delaware State Fair

14. Ventura County Fair in California

13. The Great New York State Fair

12. The Indiana State Fair

11. The Volusia County Fair in Florida

10. The Fryeburg Fair

9. The North Carolina State Fair

8. The Iowa State Fair

7. The Wisconsin State Fair

6. The OC Fair

5. The Deerfield Fair in New Hampshire

4. The Eastern States Exposition in Massachusetts

3. The San Diego County Fair in California

2. The State Fair of Texas

1. The Minnesota State Fair


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