Normally, food banks are one of the main resources that people rely on following a disaster.  But what happens when the food bank falls victim to that disaster?

That’s when the community comes together to make sure everyone is fed.

According to an article on the WGME website, the Winslow Food Cupboard was one of the victims of the flooding brought on by Monday’s storm.  In total, the food pantry lost somewhere between 20,000 and 30,000 pounds of food.

We reached out to our sources at the Salvation Army regarding the value of the food.  They say that a conservative estimate would value the food at between $60,000 and $90,000.

Reporters from the KJ spoke with Bruce Bottiglierie, the operations manager for the Winslow Community Cupboard.  He explained that, unfortunately, they had no warning that the foodbank, which is located just a few feet from the Kennebec River, was going to flood.  By the time they got word that water was nearing the building, it was too late.

Bottiglierie explained that, by the time he made it to the location of the food bank, Winslow Police would not let him in.  In addition to the food bank, there were several trailers parked at the building.  According to Bottiglierie, the trailers, which are used to deliver food to over a dozen nearby towns, were loaded with food.

Nico Smit / Unsplash
Nico Smit / Unsplash

The food bank serves hundreds of people throughout that part of Kennebec County.

At this time, they will gladly accept donations.  If you want more information about the food bank or info on how to make a donation, you can check out their website.  You can also give them a call at 207.872.2544

The hope to reopen the food bank as soon as they are able to get the space cleaned up and restocked.

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