According to a press release from the Maine Department of Public Safety, 28 year old Frank Foss Jr, of Dresden, is dead following an officer involved shooting.

According to an article in the KJ, law enforcement had been searching for Foss because he was allegedly unlawfully in possession of a firearm.  The charges reportedly stem from an incident that occurred earlier this month.

On Saturday, the search for Foss led to the temporary closure of several roads in the Dresden, Maine area.  The search for Foss continued into Sunday.

Now, it appears that search has come to an end.

The press release, from Maine Department of Public Safety spokesperson Shannon Moss, explained that the Lincoln County Sheriff's Department had requested assistance from the Maine State Police Tactical Team and Crisis Negotiation Team.

During a search of an address in Chelsea, law enforcement encountered Frank Foss Jr.  He reportedly aimed a firearm at a member of the Maine State Police Tactical Team.  This led to a Maine State Police detective shooting Foss.

The press release said, in part:

Based on their investigation, Detectives with the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office had obtained a search warrant for 17 Hankerson Road in Chelsea. While searching the wooded area surrounding the residence, a Tactical Team member encountered Foss Jr. who was armed with a handgun and pointed it at a Tactical Team member.  As a result, Foss Jr. was shot and killed by State Police Detective Scott Duff.

As expected, the the Attorney General's Office will be investigating the incident.

Additionally, Detective Duff will be placed on leave until the investigation is complete.  This is standard operating procedure for an officer involved shooting.

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